pennsylvania energy

Pennsylvania Energy

PPL Electric Utilities serves more than 1.4 million electricity customers in 29 counties across Pennsylvania, including Allentown, Lancaster and Scranton. As one of the first utilities in the state to use a smart metering system, it also became a pioneer for tracking hour-by-hour electricity usage by consumers, giving them information they can use to control their energy costs.

Currently, PPL electricity rates are set by auctions that occur twice a year and approved by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PA PUC). These auction prices reflect the cost to produce power as well as the transmission charge for delivery into the distribution system. This means that electricity prices will be low some months and higher in others, depending on weather and power generation.

However, the PA PUC also deregulated the electricity supply market allowing residential and business customers to shop for competitive electricity suppliers. These alternative electricity suppliers purchase energy from generators on the wholesale market, offering fixed or variable rate plans. A customer can switch suppliers and plan types whenever they want, but there may be fees associated with canceling a contract.

Once a customer decides to make a change, they will simply contact their new electricity supplier and the provider will take care of the rest. The new plan will begin billing within one to two billing cycles, and PPL will continue to deliver the power. When it comes to choosing a new electricity provider and plan, there are many factors to consider. Customers should pay attention to the electricity supplier’s electricity supply rate, plan type, cancellation fees, and length of any fixed term.